Induject 250 (Testosterone Blend) – 1ml/250mg


Product Code: Testosterone Blend

Product Description

Alpha Pharma Induject 250 is definitely an injectable steroid which offers the hormone testosterone in four various esters.

Leader Pharma Induject 250 conrains four esters: Testosterone propionate (30 mg); testosterone phenylpropionate (60 mg); testosterone isocaproate (60mg); and testosterone decanoate (100 mg). The propionate esters in Induject 250 are easily applied, releasing inside the first four times into circulation. The residual esters are significantly slower to produce, keeping mixed up in body for three and around two months.

Alpha Pharma Induject 250 is really a strong anabolic with distinct androgenic activity. It’s mostly employed being a bulking substance, delivering excessively increases in muscle and power mass. Sadly it does convert to estrogen, as-is the character of testosterone, this injectable is observed as being marginally tolerable than cypionate or enanthate. Some bodybuilders may find it essential to use an antiestrogen. / or Proviron and tamoxifen would not be inappropriate. Water retention should really be apparent, which means this is obviously no perfect medication for competition planning with applying of Induject 250.

In a serving of 250mg to 750mg per-week we should surely discover extraordinary benefits. In the place of acquiring unnecessarily huge amounts, athletes thinking about speedy dimension and strength will often elect to supplement another element. Superior choice is combination of Induject with Alphabol (20-30 mg daily), Anadrol (50 mg daily) or Boldenone (200-400 mg weekly). Combinations can cause an incredible increase in energy and muscle tissue.

Alpha Pharma Induject 250 will stay active in the body for a month after your injection was handed. Starting you supplementary drug treatment just after the steroid continues to be stopped will not be very powerful. Instead, HCG or Clomid (clomiphene citrate) / Tamoxifen ought to be postponed 2 or 3 weeks, before you are close to the place where blood androgen levels are falling significantly.