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TestoRapid (Testosterone Propionate) 100mg/1ml

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TestoRapid – what it is and how it’s used. Your Testosterone Propionate buying online guide.

Alpha Pharma TestoRapid (testosterone propionate) is fast-acting, oil-based injectable testosterone compound. TestoRapid is much faster than other esters like Cypionate or Enanthate. Propionate is generally implemented at least every third evening although Cypionate and Enanthate are shot over a weekly basis.

TestoRapid (Testosterone Propionate) provides great gains of muscle and strength. Dosage for Testosterone Propionate is generally in the range of 50-100 mg every day to every other day.

Testosterone Propionate is an esterified form of the base steroid steroid testosterone, similar to cypionate and enanthate. The main difference with Testosterone Propionate and Cypionate and Enanthate is that Propionate is a very short ester and is still released quite fast. As such more frequent injections are needed. Levels will peak after 24-36 hours. Testosterone Propionate also stacks well with some other steroids, for bulking is the best stact to use Nandrobolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) or Boldebolin (Boldenone Undeclynate), and can addition Danabol  (Methandrostenlone) or Oxydrolone (Oxymetholone) for 5-6 weeks, at the beginning to fasten things. Propionate also works in a cutting cycle together with Proviron. With testosterone, almost any combination is possible. Because testosterone is always the stronger compound in a stack.

The problem with Testosterone Propionate is that injections can be painful, also the injection site can become irritated and swell.

Some great results of TestoRapid cycle is that this fast acting ester brings results fast. More muscle tissue and energy comes easily.

Customers who buy Alpha Pharma TestoRapid (testosterone propionate) for cycle may recognize a dramatic gain in muscle size and strength, in addition to an overall sensation of well being and increases libido and sexual drive.

Alpha Pharma TestoRapid (testosterone propionate) like every-other testosterone may change into estrogen. This may trigger to unwanted side effects like water and gynecomastia retention. Off course this is not wanted by anybody. Those particularly side effects may be solved with  the combination with Tamoxifen, Proviron works especially nicely at avoiding this events stopping. Also necessary having a testosterone are androgenic acne, unwanted effects like fatty skin, elevated aggression and physique /facial hair development. In order to avoid these negative effects you can add to your routine 1-2 mg daily Proscar (finasteride). At steroid cycle’s end utilizing of the testosterone stimulating drug-like HCG and Clomiphene is therefore virtually a qualification as a way to prevent suffering a post- accident.
Alpha Pharma TestoRapid (testosterone propionate) cycle typical dosage will be to provide 100-mg every 2″DOR 3`d time. In the range of 300 the sum total weekly dose would be like the esters – 500mg. As with all testosterone ingredients in this cycle, this medication is most correctly fitted to bulking phases of consumption. Mix of Testorapid and robust substance such as Alphabol (methandienone), Anadrol or Nandrobolin gives exciting results when cycling in a right dosages. During cutting or dieting cycles TestoRapid could be mix with Rexobol (30-40 mg daily), Oxanabol (40-50 mg daily), Alphabolin (100-mg daily) or Masteron (100 mg daily). We are able to further add a non-aromatizing androgen like Parabolin (trenbolone) which will have a much more severe result on subcutaneous body-fat and muscle hardness. Needless to say with all the androgen information that is added any related unwanted side effects will end up a whole lot more evident results.

When you buy it online you get  container that includes 10 ampoules of 100mg TestoRapid (Testosterone Propionate).